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Welcome to my blog. My main website with its bloggy main page is probably is a bit more up to date as I spend more time working on that one. I run a fairly sizable website called Restless Adventureralready and this is just something of a portal page to it. If you are adventure-minded then you are guaranteed to find something of interest in the links to the left. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I've helped a lot of people with their adventure plans and enjoy doing it. I've certainly received my share of advice.

14 February 2011

Great Colorado Loop

Time to mention my next big adventure. I haven't bothered to keep this updated with Restless Adventurer going strong. Now's the time to start talking up what I'm calling the Great Colorado Loop.

The link takes you to Trail Journals where I have a good description and will be keeping some sort of journal. My main journal will of course remain at but I've got my prep entries on Trail Journals and I will at least have some log some entries there while during town stops for resupply.

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