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Welcome to my blog. My main website with its bloggy main page is probably is a bit more up to date as I spend more time working on that one. I run a fairly sizable website called Restless Adventureralready and this is just something of a portal page to it. If you are adventure-minded then you are guaranteed to find something of interest in the links to the left. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I've helped a lot of people with their adventure plans and enjoy doing it. I've certainly received my share of advice.

19 March 2010

"The last day of winter will herald a major snowstorm for the central Rocky Mountains. Snowfall amounts of 10 to 20" are likely in the mountains of central Colorado, with amounts of 4 to 10" across portions of eastern Colorado and Wyoming."

I'm not impressed so far. Very little snow overnight at the house, still I'm glad that yesterday I was finally able to kick the last of the driveway ice into the street before this happened.


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