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Welcome to my blog. My main website with its bloggy main page is probably is a bit more up to date as I spend more time working on that one. I run a fairly sizable website called Restless Adventureralready and this is just something of a portal page to it. If you are adventure-minded then you are guaranteed to find something of interest in the links to the left. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I've helped a lot of people with their adventure plans and enjoy doing it. I've certainly received my share of advice.

01 March 2009

Chichen Itza and Balankanche Cave

Chichen Itza is the most famous Mayan site due to it's size and proximity to Cancun. Being on the main highway to Merida (the original road *bisected* the ruins) made it as especially convenient stop for me although I was caught in a 2nd class bus service hell that dragged out my arrival and departure. But that's another story.

Anyway... The reaso for staying two nights in Pisté was two fold. First I'd be nearby so that I could get to the ruins before the tour buses arrive from Cancun and Merida and second that I would have plenty of time to see the place and nearby Balankanche Cave.

The plan went off without a hitch. I stayed ahead of thr tour groups and the hottest weather. while I certainly didn't have the place to myself it wasn't a mob scene and even the souvenir hawkers were still setting up and not going for the hard sell.

After seeing my fill of Chichen Itza and getting a bit of red neck, I hiked back into town and tried some traditional Yucatecan fair, pavo en relleno negro which is turkey in a black sauce. I'm not exactly sure what comprises the black sauce but it sure is good. Of course there were a number of beers, cervaza Superior, to wash it down. I highly recommend Las Mestizas restaurant if you are in the area.

After lunch I took a taxi to a nearby cave. In the 50s a local guide discovered a sealed passage within and after gaining access discovered a secret religious offering site. I was disappointed to see that the offerings didn't appear to be in their original locations but still it was interesting and a nice quick little side trip to something most people pass over.

I took over a hundred photos that will be uploaded when I get back home.

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